A research workshop at Nagib Festival Maribor

Looking for GROUNDS to PLAY: A playground is a site for creation and playful exchange with no or basic tools in one’s hands. Thus simplicity and imagination are needed. A playground is a gathering of those who don’t necessarily work on the same idea but share the same procedures, of those who don’t necessarily know what they are working on but feel the need to try out and have instant insight. Playgrounders need grounds to play, they are in need of sites and of motivation alike. Where and what are these grounds? In the course of the week, we looked at different places to find these grounds, both in terms of space and concept. Thus, Peter, Silke Bake and Sybrig Dokter prepared multiple approaches that revolved around the notions of (methodological) simplicity and (artistic) imagination in order to create an environment for joint creation, site-specific try outs and shared feedback.

Hosted by Peter Stamer, Sybrig Dokter, and Silke Bake. September 14 – 18, 2010 at Nagib Festival Maribor