A collective artistict research environment at a.pass Brussels, conceived and hosted by Peter Stamer and Pierre Rubio in summer 2014

In a shared workspace we developed our practices in a collaborative context, on the basis of self-organisation and self-rule. Through individual actions Milieu generated a dynamic territory for exchange, cooperation and (tacit) negotiation. A mutual creation of the individual and the common.

We invited different guests to enter into this environment with us, to participate, open up the proposals and issues addressed in the collective work and/or to problematize the situation, fueling the ecology of ideas and practices in Milieu.

a.pass is an artistic research environment that develops performative and spatial research in an international artistic and educational context. a.pass emphasizes the relation between the research practices and a broader societal field, and encourages engaged transdisciplinary practices, based in Brussels and Antwerp.

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